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About Me

There Is Hope

Hi I'm Sarah, as a therapist I am on a mission to help people who have been through highly stressful and traumatic events and can’t pretend they are OK any longer.

Together, we find your path to a happy life.

With nearly a decade of experience as a qualified therapist, I have crafted my own unique empathetic approach that is grounded in neuroscience and compassion.

I am here to help my clients to stop carrying the heavy load of trauma and PTSD symptoms so they can feel free, light and excited by life again.

I'm qualified in trauma specific techniques such as EMDR and Body Psychotherapy. These combined with my relational way of working have a magic results for people just like you.

I see one to one clients in my therapy room in Nantwich, Cheshire or online.

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What I Can Help With

Do These Sound Like You?


Trauma can lead to feeling like you need a substance in your life to feel better. This can be anything from alcohol and drugs to exercise.


A traumatised brain doesn't feel safe. 'Obsessing' about things can help you feel more in control. Discover easier ways to feel safer..


Our nervous system needs to be in a natural rhythm to get a goods nights sleep. Trauma can disrupt that rhythm. Discover restful sleep again.

Many More

Everyone is unique and has their own way of dealing with trauma. People can react and develop all kinds of behaviours that no longer serve them.


Anxiety is a normal human emotion. However, we are not designed to feel it all the time. If you do, there are ways I can help you to feel calmer.


Our brains can only take so much anxiety, after a while it will need a rest. This is when low mood and lack of motivation for life can start.

Bad Memories

Experiences can leave distressing memories behind as the brain becomes overwhelmed. My tools help process events so memories feel better.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs when the traumatic events leave a long lasting negative effect and you can't lead life how you'd like to.

Discover Therapy That Works For You!

I'm passionate about providing therapy which is personalised to the client. We are all different. What works for one person, will not necessarily work

for the next.

I provide a warm, empathic space for individuals to explore and process what has happened to them. I have a wide variety of tools and techniques to tap into the limbic system (your survival response) to regulate your nervous system, so you naturally start to feel better and more hopeful for the future.



What Others Say

"Sarah has unlocked me from my childhood trauma. I no longer think of worst case scenarios, I'm able to calm myself and think more rationally. Sarah
has revitalised the real me and my inner confidence is back."

Claire (Alias name and picture)

"I now have coping skills and feel life is more manageable. I finally feel free of my trauma and I felt listened to and respected throughout my sessions with

Julie (Alias name and picture)

"I was very sceptical to start with but Sarah has helped me with everything in a way other counsellors haven't been able to. I now have a very different view on seeking support and very grateful to Sarah who has helped me process awful things in my life."

Dan (Alias name and picture)

Office: Nantwich

Call 07739 807601



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